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We've had many requests to offer scale model riders for the various Coaster Dynamix trains. After much searching and testing we have found them and they certainly add fun and realism. If you have any of the sadly now discontinued Coaster Dynamix accessory trains, The Floorless, Looping, Hyper etc., these figures will work with no modification. With current Scorpion and Dragon trains, however, you will need to get out out your modeling knife or drill and Super Glue to achieve a perfect fit. There is a small tab at the bottom front of each seat which is meant to secure the seat restraints. For the passengers to fit properly you will need either to remove this tab or, better yet, to drill or cut a small hole in the bottom of each passenger to accomodate the notch. This second method is preferrable as it also helps secure the passenger. In either case, you might also wish to reposition the seat restraints some what and secure them in place with Super Glue, Rubber Cement or some other method. Unfortunately, no currently available passengers will work with Phoenix IF you still want the seats restraints to raise and lower as the train enters and leaves the station. If you can do without this feature, simply remove the four small upright pieces at either end of the station which activate the seat restraints and add your passengers.They will fit nicely.

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