"New" Faller Products for 2013: Along with the much delayed 140420 "Fun-Schiff" large swinging ship ride now scheduled for 2/13 delivery, Faller has announced three other "New" products for 2013. We say "New" because two of these are re-released or re-packaged versions of previously released models. Notable is the re-release of the legendary 326 "Teacups" which has not been available since 1992. Currently the most collectible of all Faller models, collectors everywhere will be cringing as their very valuable and never previously re-released 326 "Teacups" tumble in value when the re-numbered 194326 "Teacups" appear later this year. Second is the re-release and re-packaging of the 441 "Polyp Ride" from 1994-95 with the 140462 "Throw-the Hat and Maize Man" concession stands originally offered in 1998. This combination will be offered as the 140341 "County Fair Set". Third, and the only truly "New" offering is the 130990 "Raimondi Traveling Circus" including 5 tents of various size and color, 2 ticket booths, barriers and fencing, restroom wagon, 2 wagons for performers, and Ringmaster, Clown and Elephant figures. Sounds like fun!