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In order to get the most performance and highest train speed when building layouts with the Roller Coaster Tycoon Construction Set (RCCS) it is very important to have a stable structure.

The train included with the RCCS is, according to the manufacturer, capable of almost eighty scale miles an hour! This being said, as it travels at high speed around the track it carries quite a bit of energy and, as it speeds into a turn or through a loop, this energy can be transferred (and lost) by moving the structure IF the structure is not stable. This is not good. When building long and complex layouts with the RCCS you want all the train's energy to be used in traversing the track, not in moving it. To create structural stability you're going to need to use both "V" and "X" shaped Pylon configurations. As the name implies, a "V" shaped Pylon uses two Pylons of equal or various lengths connected at the intersection, either at the top or bottom (inverted "V") with a Double Ball Joint Connector . Use of "V" shaped Pylons is very flexible and can prevent structural movement in either direction parralel or perpindicular to the direction of the track. "X" shaped Pylons, also as their name implies, are shaped like an "X" with two Pylons of equal or various length crossing each other. "X" shaped Pylons are not as flexible as "V's" and will only prevent structural movement in the direction of the track. They don't, however, require a Double Ball Joint of which only five are provided with the set. It is highly recommended that you add one or two sets of Double Ball Joints to your RCCS. They are inexpensive and tremendously helpful in stabilizing your layout designs. Numerous examples of both "V" and "X" shaped Pylon setups can be seen by viewing the user submitted RCCS layouts in our Design Shop .

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