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mrchq top b logoYour headquarters for scale models, roller coasters, thrill rides, carnival models,
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Model Roller Coaster HQ & Model Rail Road HQ is a Colorado based group of enthusiasts with a shared passion for thrill rides and vintage trains in the real world and modeling in a miniature world.

Through this site we market the finest scale model roller coaster kits, amusement park ride kits, thrill ride and roller coaster construction set products, and model carnival products and accessories from around the world. We add our hands-on insight about these products, providing you with direct experience with almost all of our products.

We consider ourselves to be experts in this endeavor and believe that what sets us apart from standard online vendors is not only our hands-on experience with the products we represent but also our efforts to make this experience and, through community participation, the opinions and experiences of others, available to everyone who visits our site.

You will discover included with many products that we stock, along with the conventional manufacturer’s description of the product, our own comments and reviews on what we experienced while actually building and using the product. We also provide a comprehensive product rating system which evaluates select products based on difficulty, required assembly time, level of detail, design flexibility, and age appropriateness. We provide this level of information so that our prospective clients can make a much more informed and confident buying decision than is offered through any other outlet.

In this video era of supplied entertainment it has become ever more difficult to find entertaining products with real-world values. In contrast, building and completing one of our model kits, which can be displayed with enduring pride in accomplishment, requires, and helps develop, patience and determination. Our construction sets are great fun to design and build, provide creative challenge, are based on applied physics and real mechanical engineering and are also used in classrooms across the country to help teach science, math and group cooperation. Should you wish to incorporate learning into your child’s play experience we offer links to web sites which provide fun and accessible information and materials to help make this possible.

We encourage you to make use of the resources provided by our site and hope that you will join us in the exciting world of carnival modeling!

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