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Miniature Amusements® "Loopy Monster" Roller Coaster Construction Set

The NEW Loopy Monster Roller Coaster Construction Set from Colorado, USA based Miniature Amusements is a real character. "Loopy" is the next evolution of the much missed classic "Roller Coaster Tycoon" Roller Coaster Construction Set. Many improvements to have been made: First, and probably foremost in this day and age, is value for the dollar and Loopy is all over it. Consider this: To purchase separately just the Power Supply, 4 Car High Speed Train, and Motorized Station, you would have to lay out a cool $75.00. All of these components, along with a couple of hundred additional parts, are included with the Loopy Monster for a mere $59.99! Featuring ease of assembly and the flexibility to build a bunch of different fun layouts with inversions, bumps and a loop, Loopy is not only the least expensive true roller coaster construction set out there but would seem to be the best value as well. You be the judge. 

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Other than value, another area where Loopy departs from the norm is that no conventional instruction manual is included in the package. 

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Instead, a fairly extensive library of instructions and building hints are available on-line only. This no doubt saves some trees and helps keep Loopy's cost down but, according to the manufacturer in the following excerpt from their product description, there is more:

"LOOPY is not only a terrific value but also represents a new approach to creative building sets. Though many resources are available on our site to help you along the way, no traditional instruction manual is included.


LOOPY can be built in many different ways and, using your imagination as your guide, you are encouraged to learn and experiment as you go. Sure, fundamentals such as how Pylons go together or building a Lift Track are covered in the available resources, but there is much more to be gained and more fun to be had in the joy of discovery than is to be found following some predetermined plan. Go for it. Have some LOOPY fun."

Whether Miniature Amusements will be successful with this approach and how the model roller coaster building public will respond remains to be seen. One thing is sure. If you can deal with the lack of a printed instruction manual and are prepared to use your creativity and imagination then Loopy will not disappoint. This is a cool product at a very cool price.

Due to some fairly small parts and the hand strength required, at least initially, for assembly and disassembly, this terrific construction toy is rated for kids nine and above though, with adult supervision, could certainly be an appropriate family activity involving younger children as well. Be sure and check it out.

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